Plasmir Milgraph Watches

Plasmir Milgraph watches are made by a brand known as R*X*W* or ROCKX SOLID. The model is supposed to be “solider than rock”. The Plasmir Milgraph is an original of brand Ken Sato, a famous collector and buyer of many sport-style watches.

Designer Sato is famous for his love of traditional mechanical and classic sport style models, and has reinforced this with the Plasmir Milgraph range. Here Ken Sato revives older watch models with brand new technologies.

The ROCKX SOLID or R*X*W* series was released in Europe and the US in 2002, and managed to sell out. It has since become a premium model and somewhat of a collector’s item.

The latest works of Ken Sato utilised traditional mechanical technologies and modified two models used in Sweden during the 1960s and 1970s. These new models incorporate a dual structure (N-luminous) Plasmir dial and mil-spec 3H gas light capsule (said to last over 20 years even without sunlight). The American military and Special Forces also use the same technology.

The watch also has a 1000 gauss super anti magnetic structure and a Quatro-lock screw down type crown and pusher. The wristband or best is composed of hand stitched Connolly leather, known for supplying the Royal Household and providing leather for both Rolls Royce and Ferrari.

The ROCKX SOLID Plasmir Milgraph line has many impressive specifications, with some included as follows:

  • Swiss designed original chronograph movement
  • SUS316 case with 1000 gauss antimagnetic performance
  • Quatro-lock screw down crown and pusher
  • Dome-shaped crystal windscreen
  • 100m water resistant
  • Connolly hand-stitched leather belt, known for being used by the Royal Household, Rolls Royce and Ferrari
  • African zebra wood box
  • Composite Plasmir dial and hands
  • 3H tritium gaslight
  • φ39.9mm, 15.5mm thick (2 counter) or 16.5 mm thick (3 counter)